A silent disco walking tour is a unique and exciting way to explore a city. Each guest will be asked to slip on a headset so that they can listen to our friendly host dishing out fun facts about the city. For the duration of your walking tour, the hosts will also be pumping out iconic sing-along songs to get you in the mood for a good night out. The songs will often relate to the sites you are seeing to add another layer that you wouldn’t get on a regular walking tour.

Our silent disco tours are family-friendly, suitable for people ages 5 and up. Alternatively, if you are looking for more of a party-vibe we offer 18+ silent disco walking tours that involve lots of drink stops along the way.

Our walking tours last 60 minutes. Each guest will be given a silent disco headphone, while the tour host will also have and transmitter. This means that they can communicate with you on the move, with no wires! The music will also be beamed through this portable transmitter into your headsets.

Our tour is planned to take you through the most iconic and fascinating places throughout the city. Your guide will be an expert with local knowledge who will be able to keep you safe, informed and entertained throughout your tour.

You’ll learn a few fun facts while you embark on our riotous party tour! At Christmas time we also run a festive-themed silent disco walking tour adventure to get you in the holiday spirit.