"A Silent Disco through the streets?!?
That's madness!"

Correct! a totally crazy walking party, full of music, dancing and good times


60 minute Silent Disco Walking Tours in a fun and musical Silent Disco flashmob!
Experience and explore the historic city of YORK in a one-of-a-kind way!

NEW for 2024!!!


It's a 1-hour tour that will take you on a fun and entertaining walk of York. while you listen to the greatest hits of all time using our magical headphones! The playlist is designed to fit perfectly with the route with added live commentary provided by our friendly guides.

The tour is designed for all ages and demographics. Our guides will create a pleasant atmosphere, making it easy for everyone to lose their inhibitions and move freely. We never force anyone to act like a fool, however plenty of invitations are offered, and we always see that people naturally find a level of expression that suits their current mood!

Silent disco walking tours are a dancing and singing musical adventure and have become one of the most popular tourist expeditions across all of the major cities in the UK. Some of the locals even join in from time to time as well! They’re great for family outings, stag & hen dos, birthday parties, and work get-togethers.

For Any Party or Group

We offer tours for everyone and every occasion - bring your party to our paaaaartaaay! 

Disco Tours for

Sure brunch is fun but is it memorable? Put your hen party in the spotlight with the best weekend filler! Dance and sing like nobody is watching!

Disco Tours for

Once you've had breakfast in Wetherspoons, been axe throwing, what's next? A trip round the city whilst busting your best moves!

Disco Tours for

We cater to all age groups and can bespoke the music to the main star. The perfect experience full of fun, laughter and you burn approx 500 calories!

Disco Tours for

Looking for that perfect team bonding experience? An event to motivate your crew? Maybe you are looking for a staff activity with a twist?

If you're looking for something special and totally out of the ordinary for couples or groups, it's time to try a silent disco walking tour in York!

Your singing-and-dancing extravaganza begins as soon as you join your host at the beginning of the tour. They'll get everyone kitted up with wireless headphones (this is a public tour so you'll be joined by other party people). Once everyone is ready the music starts and once it's on, it's on! You'll head on a singing, dancing and swinging stroll through the heart of York and see some of the most famous and intriguing sites. 

Expect to be surprised, to have fab time when everyone gets involved, when people are pointing and waving and snapping photos, when tourists are smiling and stopping to join in. Meanwhile, the host will drop in some weird and wonderful facts about the city.

What you get in a silent disco tour: you get to sing and dance, get to take good pictures, great videos, a bit of exercise, and have a great time.

Silent Disco Tours are booked in advance.
Online booking is super simple and secure.

Choose your date. Choose your time slot.

What's included in a Disco Walking Tour?

We provide all you need - you just bring your best moves and vocals!

  1. Unique mix of walking city tour, Flash Mob & Silent Disco - We've combined the lot into a musical, dancing party through the streets. You'll be serenading coffee drinkers, photographed by visitors, applauded by the masses for your moves and Kate Bush impressions. The public won't know what's hit them when you turn up and bust your best moves to music only you can hear!
  2. FUN Tour guides/MC - Booking our tour means you're looking for some fun? Our tour guides will take you on a musical adventure, throw in a few gags and funny facts of the city.
  3. Hi-tech personal wireless headsets - Our headsets are really comfortable to wear and have independent volume control. If you like your music louder then just move the dial! We give all the headsets an antibacterial wipe after each tour to ensure they're fresh for you to wear.
  4. Available on Saturdays (and special themed events eg: Hallowe'en, Christmas etc) - Our regular tours run from February to November. We can run events at other times too. Just get in touch to see what we can do for you. We also run private events on a day to suit you (minimum 10 people).
  5. 1-hour tour of the city, no hills or steps to climb - OMG!! Have you seen how flat York is? There's barely a hill for miles... which makes it perfect for a city tour. The only huffing and panting needed is to get you through Vogueing and Moonwalking.
  6. Note: this is a non-private tour so the experience may be shared with other groups & individuals  - Looking for your very own private tour for 10+ people?  Simply contact us to arrange.


Silent Disco Tours are booked in advance.
Online booking is super simple and secure.
We run several tours a day, choose a time to suit you.


Fancy your very own tour, for your business, friends or relatives?We can run your own private tour, with a minimum of 10 people.
Simply contact us to discuss and arrange.



York has some great attractions worth checking out on your visit

  1. YORK MINSTER - A metropolitan church and cathedral, York Minster is among the most significant cathedrals globally, ranking as the second-largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. It has dominated the York skyline for years with its spectacular architecture featuring stained glass windows, ceiling bosses, under-croft, and rose windows. The church offers daily prayer and worship.
  2. YORK DUNGEON - Special effects, actor-led shows, and display of objects and models make up an intensifying experience in the York Dungeon as you learn the incredible 2,000 years journey of Yorkshire’s history. The Dungeon that was first opened in 1986 was re-opened in March 2013. It operates on a tours-basis that starts every 7 minutes.
  3. THE SHAMBLES - An old street in York, The Shambles is a picturesque street with overhanging timber-framed buildings, some constructed in the 14th century. The street that once specialised in butchers displaying meat has transformed into a beautiful retail therapy centre. Be warned you may never want to put down your camera when exploring the street.
  4. THE NATIONAL RAILWAY MUSEUM - Beautiful displays of carriages and locomotives dating back to 1820 are among the highlights of the National Railway Museum. The museum offers an impressive display of Royal Trains, including carriages that Queen Victoria once used. The exhibits also include an old-fashioned railway station, steam trains, luxurious Edwardian Pullman carriages, and over a million artefacts.
  5. THE RIVER OUSE - Dividing York into two, River Ouse is one of the gems you must visit when in the city. Visitors have the option of exploring the river on foot or cruising. It gives you incredible riverside architecture views like the majestic Guildhall. Cruises on the river allow you to take in the beauty of York in the most relaxed manner.